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Gender reveal party

It's amazing to me how much has changed in there few years since i was last pregnant. We have already upgraded our video camera. I bought a super infant car seat that didn't exist 3 years ago. And now....gender reveal parties are all the rage. Of course we had to partake in this new tradition. 
Daniel and I went for a sonogram on Thursday morning and had to wait until Friday night to tell the boys if they were having a brother or a sister. We invited some of our friends to celebrate and to stay for a "lawn in" movie outside. 
Painting the garage to show the movie on. 
Cupcakes with secret filling. 
Lots of pink and blue drinks and 
Surprise it's another boy! 
Celebrating with silly string.
Ready for the movie.
An aerial view of the movie.


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Bye bye Pacifier

Well. Today is the day. We got rid of the pacifier. Nathan lost his pacifier last night and made it most of the night without it. So I decided we should be done.
I put him down for his nap without the pacifier, and he cried for 20 minutes. He sounded really mad. :( But just as I was going to go in and soothe him he stopped. He slept for 2 hours instead of his usual 3-4 hour nap. But I can't complain. And in am sure that as he learns to fall asleep without the pacifier his naps will return to there usual length again.
He only thing is, Nathan did not wake up happy. He never wakes up happy. It took a good 20 minutes of rocking and cuddling to get him through his grumpy phase.
Here he is recovering. It's a hard life.

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The dynamic duo strikes again

My little dynamic duo was at it again this week. If looking at flashcards is fun, then spreading them everywhere to make sure we see them all is more fun! Nathan distributed to Elijah who spread them around the house.
I am thankful my children play together.
I am thankful my children play together. (Keep repeating).

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Elijah rolls over

Elijah rolled over for the first time today! Well, he's done it before but today was the first time he was consistent and I got it on video.

Then Nathan wanted to join in on the fun and wanted me to tape him too :)