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Malachi Isaac Goulet

Baby number 3 was a slight challenge to name.  I wanted a unique name that wasn't too unheard of and was biblical.  Daniel wanted something biblical that had a good meaning.  He must have looked up hundreds of name meanings during my pregnancy! It was very important to him.
I fell in love with the name Jericho pretty early.  I thought for sure his name was "Jericho James".  Daniel looked up the name's meaning and Jericho meant "City of the moon." After that, he could never really get on board with it.  But I held on and persisted that this was our baby boy number 3's name.
I offered up tons of suggestions as to different names and nothing really stuck.  We liked Judah, but felt like it was getting too popular.  We liked Samson.
Then we started to look up the names of biblical prophets. Nathan and Elijah were both prophets so we figured that we might have had a theme going.  I liked Malachi.  Daniel could not get on board.  He said that it reminded him of children of the corn.  I've never seen the movie, so I had no idea.
Finally, during month 9, Daniel knew he had to offer up a strong suggestion or we were going to have a son named after the "city of the moon." So Daniel came around to the name Malachi.  I liked it and was so excited that we had finally agreed on a name! And Malachi means "messenger of God."
Then came the middle name.  We went around and around on middle names and nothing felt right.  Until one morning at 39 weeks pregnant, I was reading the bible and reminded of Isaac.  Isaac was a much longed for child of Abraham and Sarah.  Some day I will share the story of how Malachi came to be, but we longed for a 3rd child in our family and we waited a long time (10 months, a long time for me) to get pregnant.   I text my suggestion to Daniel and he looked up the meaning...... "He laughs." And it was settled, we picked a middle name via text message while I was out shopping one morning.
Malachi Isaac


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