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We had a baby, it's a boy

We had a baby, it's a boy.  I take tons of pictures of him because he's ADORABLE, but I have yet to document anything.  Fast forward 20 years when Malachi asks what he was like as a baby and I give him a blank stare........ I don't have much time these days to retro create posts, but I will some day.

Here's all about Malachi at 3 months!

Weight: 15lb 7oz (my largest baby)

Routine: We have a pretty standard routine as of right now.  Malachi is the last one up in the morning, he is not a fan.  Then he likes to eat every 2-2.5 hours during the day.  On a good day he takes a longer afternoon nap.  He nurses for about 45 minutes at nighttime.  Then, he sleeps.

Sleep: HE SLEEPS! He wakes up usually around 5am, last night was 6am.  Then he goes right back down until I force him awake in the morning.  The first month with Malachi was rough at night and now he is a dream!  He also likes to sleep in his rock n' play for night time and his crib for naps. 

Eating: He loves to nurse! I can't wait for his daytime feedings to spread out a bit.  Right now I send him with a bottle while I am at work so I get a short break from breastfeeding all day.  He also does not take a pacifier and finds his thumb great to chew on.

Likes: Malachi likes toys to bat at and being held.  He loves when his brothers pay attention to him.  Movement and walks.  He loves to go for walks even when it's cold outside. If he does have a fussy day, I know a 5 minute walk will make him fall asleep fast.

Dislikes:  Tummy time, he lasts about two minutes before he can't take it anymore.  This month Malachi also got a horrible rash and was very uncomfortable, so he wants to be help most of the time.
He doesn't really LOVE the swing, he tolerates it sometimes, but he'd rather be in his bouncy seat.


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Bye bye Pacifier

Well. Today is the day. We got rid of the pacifier. Nathan lost his pacifier last night and made it most of the night without it. So I decided we should be done.
I put him down for his nap without the pacifier, and he cried for 20 minutes. He sounded really mad. :( But just as I was going to go in and soothe him he stopped. He slept for 2 hours instead of his usual 3-4 hour nap. But I can't complain. And in am sure that as he learns to fall asleep without the pacifier his naps will return to there usual length again.
He only thing is, Nathan did not wake up happy. He never wakes up happy. It took a good 20 minutes of rocking and cuddling to get him through his grumpy phase.
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I am thankful my children play together.
I am thankful my children play together. (Keep repeating).

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