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Jump jump jump

Malachi tried out the jump a roo this week. He fell in love! Now he is happiest standing up while he is awake. 


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Thumb sucker

Malachi looked particularly cute today. And I think he's officially a thumb sucker. I can't really stop him from sucking his thumb and he really loves it. He also still hates any kind of pacifier. 

Elijah loves naps

For as much as Elijah hates bed time, he LOVES his naps. When we get home from spending the morning at church he often easily climbs into bed and says "bye mom." Elijah sleeps 2 hours, sometimes longer. I have to wake him up by 4:00 or bedtime is hopeless. I took this picture the other day as I was trying to wake him up. I usually takes 15-20 minutes and about 5 attempts to get him to wake up from a nap. 
Good thing he naps, because I need the energy in the evening while putting him back in bed for the 5th time. :) 

The dog debate

On our drive to school today: 
Nathan: can we get a dog?
Me: no
Nathan:  when I grow up and have my own house and my own kids in going to wait until everyone is asleep and get them a puppy and a kitty. And put them in a box under the Christmas tree. 
Me: that sounds like a great plan 
Elijah: *bursts into tears* I JUST REALLY WANT A PUPPY!